Meet our Mentoras

Hosted September 24th, at Spotify NYC

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All event photography by Elena Mudd


I went to my first @holatrenza event and lemme tell you it was incredible!! Empow(her) Hour at @spotify NYC was a networking event curated by and for Latina women. It was my first Latina specific networking / media event and the atmosphere was seriously so different than anything I’ve experienced before. A room filled with collaboration, care, and genuine effort to see our community rise. Mi gente :’) I was able to learn so much from those I connected with and create organic bonds through Latinx identity. Identity specific spaces are so important and incredibly impactful ❤️ gracias por un gran noche con Latinas poderosas @holatrenza!!
— Kim Hoyos, Mentee
Tonight was such a full circle moment. Story time. ⚡️⚡️ Two years ago I was completely lost as to where I wanted to be. The only thing I knew was that I wanted to work with brands through marketing, experiences and storytelling. I told the universe, either I get a job at a major brand/ad agency or you present an alternative opportunity. It was then that I attended an event at Spotify for minorities trying to enter the tech space without having a technical background (thank you @2020shift). That night I met @trav_weekes. Fast forward a few months and we produced our first event for an ad agency. At that moment we decided to join forces to grow @drivensociety. Fast forward 2 years, I am back @Spotify. This time, I was invited by @holatrenza to share my story and mentor Latinas. You truly never know where your journey is going to take you. Stay committed to your end goal and remain flexible on the journey to it. ⚡️⚡️The cherry on top of it all was to finally meet and learn from @rocig, a trailblazer I look up to tremendously. Thank you @holatrenza, @spotify and @bumblebizz for such an inspiring night.
— Natalia Saavedra, Mentora