Latina influencers & the power of la mujer

Meet our Panelists

Hosted November 19th, at Bulletin Flagship, NYC


Our Favorite Takeaways

To me, Latina influencers (or content creators/strategists) are what girls like me were always waiting for. They are the women who created the spaces when people acted like we don’t exist, like we aren’t profitable, like we aren’t even paying attention. These folks brought love and passion adonde no habia nada, and they continue to inform the rest of America that Latinas don’t play and we are changing the landscape in every sector.
— Shaday Fermin
If you want to grow your audience, TALK to your audience.
— Daniela Cadena
I came from this panel so inspired. This platform is all about COMMUNITY. And as a Latina, I have a responsibility to make our voices heard.
— Lissette Calveiro
Latinas are the original ‘word of mouth’ content creators.
— Ada Rojas